Examine the facts before you decide for yourself.

You Might Be a Flattard if…

THIS is why we have been trying for over a year to show the flat earth community how and why the Azimuthal Equidistant and Gleason’s maps are both STUPID and WHY they were implanted into the flat earth “movement” in the first place. It’s because they can be ripped to shreds by anyone who actually DOES research on this theory.

SO, until the “community” throws this rejected flattard map out and stops using it in their blogs, videos and photo images, we will be responsible for the slowdown in the flat earth growth and for its ultimate destruction. Robotham was a fool and Eric Dubay is a tool as well as the others who promote this model as “the flat earth model.”

Too strong? I think not.

Please check out our YouTube channel for the many hours of videos available that will break this down for you. Before you spread any more disinfo, please research our trail of information that shows this map and model to be the disinfo campaign implanted and designed to destroy the flat earth awakening in its tracks.



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