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The Flat Earth Map Reset

By Lori Frary with Lawrence Wright and Ronnie Harris…

So we finally come to a crossroads. Either we have to rename what we call ourselves or we have to do a drastic reset. Simply calling yourself a flat earther has now become contentious from within the community. Why do we say that? Because most of the flat earth community has embraced a false map and model based on a circle. The earth is flat, indeed it is flat, but it is not shaped in a circle and the sun and the moon do not go around it overhead in a circle either. How can we say this? Because it’s proven without a doubt that the sun travels in a straight line over the equator twice a year on the equinox. If the sun travels even ONE day in a straight linear path, then the earth cannot be a circle and the sun is not circling overhead. Is one day enough? The answer is absolutely.

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So we have opened the window and thrown the map of the circle out to the four winds. Do we have something to show you to replace it with? No. Getting rid of one lie does not need to be replaced with another. In order to discover the true shape of the terrain and model of the realm, everyone is going to have to work together. Is this possible? Yes, we believe it is. We believe there are enough of us who have discovered that the earth is a flat realm and we are willing to go the distance to find the true map and model of earth.


So these questions remain… Is a new name in order for what we call ourselves? Or are we able to reset our understanding and set the ongoing research in the right direction? Can we fix the image that we’ve been painted with and collectively embrace a new direction? What direction will it be? Do we live on a square? Do we live on a diamond? Do we live in a pyramid? The answers are uncertain, but until we try we will never know.


We feel certain now that the AE map and the Gleason’s map were implanted into the flat Earth community or movement for the purpose of attracting those who discovered that the earth was flat. We’re not certain what agency or group implanted it and whether it was done as a distraction, a psychological operation or as a way to capture those who realized the globe was a lie and hope they would readily attach themselves to this embedded theory…this theory that we live on a circle surrounded by an ice ring and capped with a terrarium snow globe with a circling sun and moon. This was easy to believe because the model works theoretically as long as you don’t test it or compare it to observations in the real world.


Part of me thinks it would be easier to pick a new name for what we call ourselves in order to separate ourselves from those who continue to promote false dogma. On the other hand, together we have accumulated a great deal of knowledge, information and momentum and simply throwing it all away would be an unnecessary setback. Regardless, fighting our friends and fellow flat earthers from within this contentious circle seems futile and unworthy of the amount of energy it would take to get them to agree to keep up the search for the correct flat Earth map and model. Day by day, week by week, month by month we have slowly attracted bright minds that have remained OPEN in spite of what has been called “the flat Earth map and model” dogma. But sadly, there are still the majority who believe this model to be true enough so that they continue to fight the introduction of any other model especially any model that requires portals, veils or “Pac-Man”. At this point, it is impossible for any reality based map or model to work without Pac-Man. Any flat map that has been found to be correct by using globe data, observations and triangulation of multiple cities and destinations including airports, latitude and longitude and flight times… requires Pac-Man to work. At this point, it’s either Pac-Man or it’s a globe.


If this is the first you are hearing of this theory, we completely understand your cognitive dissonance. When you became a flat earther, you were presented with a working map and model that you could depend on and that others believed and supported. This model provided what are considered adequate answers to many of the questions FE’s were faced with from globe believers. Now you are being asked to ditch the only map and model you’ve ever known of the flat Earth and embrace a completely different map and model, one that seems a fantasy until you personally do the research to debunk it. If you have tried, you realize it takes a lot of work and an immense amount of time and dedication to finding the absolute truth about the realm we call Earth. If it makes you uncomfortable because you have yet to relinquish this AE map and model which has been proven false, consider yourself one of the gang who are holding tight to another lie. Who are we to say this? We are people who came down the same path as you but just so happened to recognize the dead end before we went the whole distance. This false map and model is the reason why the mainstream media has completely ignored flat Earth for six months or longer. There is no need for them to continue to mock a pathetic lie when so many people can simply be ignored because they follow false dogma and an easily debunked map.


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Each week on Wednesday at 6 PM EST (UTC-4) we discuss this topic in depth on the Flat Earth Conspiracy Channel on YouTube. The channel has playlists on the map and model topic that include hours and hours of discussion and dialogue done in an open source concept showing all of our research to date and how we arrived at the conclusions that the earth is flat, probably square or diamond-shaped and that the sun, moon and stars pass overhead every day in a straight path called the Celestial Ecliptic. The ceiling overhead, known as the heavens, has a 23.4° angle or tilt. There are two poles, north and south, with a celestial equator that runs parallel to the terrestrial equator and both are a perfectly straight line. These facts are repeatable, observable and testable and they must be the basis for any map and model of the flat Earth.


Please join us as we move away from false dogma and advance forward to find the truth of the realm we inhabit called Earth….and t control see you on hanks for taking the time to read this.

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