Examine the facts before you decide for yourself.

Why I Still Have Questions


There is a reason for inserting the “dome” into the flat earth community. Could it be to bring about a situation where the government can adopt the flat earth model or otherwise known as the Azimuthal Equidistant map or projection? Plop a dome over the top of it and the next thing you know we go from living on the outside of the ball to the inside of the ball, the globe lie gets apologized for, and nothing about the power structure changes. It appears to me (and I’m not alone) that there is part of the government that is embedded and invested in the flat earth movement. It seems to have started before the first wave of flat earthers came on board. The first wave would include the people who woke up to the fact that the earth is flat around the end of 2014 – stretching into approximately June of 2015. The second wave started arriving in the summer of 2015. They were mostly the friends of the first wave of individuals. They had the opportunity to hear it directly from the excited bunch of people who found out suddenly that the earth was flat and not a spinning ball.


The reason why I and others think the Truman Show Dome or image of a “snow globe” is a psychological operation is because it was obvious to “them” that a grassroots, organic movement would be a high probability around this time in history. NASA and other military agencies were running out of clear, concise, provable ways to fool the public. Especially those who are critical thinkers and question everything. What if the “power elite” have had the last 500 years to build layer upon layer of the cover up and build fancy mathematical equations into the global consciousness? What if, when this began to fall apart, they already had a contingency plan B in place? If plan B was to disclose that the Earth is indeed flat and not a spinning ball, what would happen next? Would the people figure out their power and push back on their government? They would have had to consider a secondary plot in their script otherwise known as an alternate ending. In keeping with their age old pattern, the ending would be the beginning of another lie. Could that lie be that we live under some finite glass dome enclosure that we cannot escape from with no outer space, no other planets to visit and no galaxies to explore?


When I came into the movement, the AE map projection was already being used as the emblem, logo or model for the flat earth community. I began to question immediately why this map was being used for the model. Not only that, who chose it? Some said it was because the UN was using it and playing a hide in plain sight game. ALL leading flat earth video makers, YouTubers and bloggers were using this map projection to complete the picture of what the flat earth looks like and how it works. Slowly over the next several months the dome was introduced into the dialogue. Now, nine months later, half or more of the people in the flat earth community believe the dome to be considered the flat earth model. For some, the map and the dome cannot be divided. They seem to have become bound together and are inextricably tied to each other.


Enter into the picture what is known as confirmation bias. This bias comes from people finding confirmation of the flat earth dome in biblical scripture and applying it to this modern day depiction of what the Bible describes. Depending on which translation you use, you can convince yourself that the Bible is in fact describing a glass dome. Ten people can read the same passage without being told what it means and their imagination will create an image that confirms this dome because they have heard it repeated many times in the flat earth conversations. Propaganda is a brainwashing tool or method used to create these mental pictures when a word and a photo are repeatedly put in front of a person. Before you know it the person believes this to be true because they’ve heard it enough times that it must be true. Just because everyone believes something does not make it true. This is how the original globe model grew into acceptance with the masses.


It took a great deal to remove the education and indoctrination we all grew up with in order to entertain this new idea and believe the earth is flat in the first place. All I wish to do in this article is to put out a warning of sorts and hope that people will continue to consider it as the months go by and the flat earth fatigue sets in. Hopefully they will remember is to use the same critical thinking skills as we move forward as they did to discover the flat earth in the first place. There will naturally be a need to fill the void left when the globe illusion was destroyed.


They want to fill in every blank that was created when gravity and space no longer existed within the old context. Humans naturally seek an enclosure to feel safe. Birds build nests, animals make dens and humans build homes. When you believed you lived on a spinning ball flying through space headed into oblivion, the intent was to make you feel small and insignificant in the big picture. Even though NASA tries to make you think we are exploring space, going to distant planets, and sending probes out into the universe – you now know none of that is true. It only stands to reason that we would seek the answers as to what we’re really live on, what surrounds us, and what boundaries exist.


I find it curious the biblical term firmament (which quite literally means flattened expanse) is being converted to a Truman show Dome. Living inside of a “snow globe” turns this created earth into this finite round area. Why are people so willing to embrace that idea without ever having had the opportunity to explore independently? Especially independent of government and military intervention and manipulation. Where the boundary lies, is anyone’s guess. How the map actually works must also be anyone’s guess. The azimuthal equidistant map is not a map at all but a projection based on a globe squashed or flattened out. If the globe was wrong, how can the AE map be right? If the AE map is wrong, how can a come fit so nicely over the top of it? These questions don’t have answers yet.


Discovering the earth is flat gives one a sense of new freedom. Be careful not to give that freedom away simply to feel safe under a dome created above the circle based on a map that has no proof of being accurate. Keep your critical thinking skills honed to a sharp edge in order that you not be manipulated into believing that you understand how all the elements of the flat earth work. Don’t fall for “clues” planted by those who would like to direct your thinking. If anything’s a certainty, it’s this – the manipulations will come and may already be in place. Maybe someone knows the details, some secret society, some military organization with top-secret clearance or an elite cabal sitting at the top of the pyramid. If you are not one of these, then you are not privy to the secrets that have been covered up for centuries. Be patient. Be vigilant. And most important of all, question everything.

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