Examine the facts before you decide for yourself.

The Hoax of the Century is a HOAX! It’s not Kubrick!

They tried to punk the flat earth community with this “Shooting Stanley Kubrick” HOAX and make us look like conspiracy nuts. But we are too smart for them, aren’t we? Yes we are.

Here is some of the raw footage showing obvious coaching by the filmmaker to his ACTOR cast as Stanley Kubrick whose name is “Tom” Somebody. At [56:56] the director tells the actor that Kubrick always wears his glasses lower and looks over the top. This is obviously not Kubrick as Murray calls him Tom throughout the video footage.

He also talks about Bart Sibrel getting punched in another part and that didn’t happen until 2002 and this was supposed to be filmed in 1999.

We can’t know the filmmaker’s intentions or goals…it could be to show people how easy it is to make a hoax. It could be that he was pulling off a “War Of The Worlds” type event and wanted to make sure people found out it wasn’t true. He could be paid by NASA to play this charade to confuse the issue. See what I did there? Only he can explain his motivation. I guess we’ll find out in time.

These idiots gotta get up earlier to fool the awakened souls of the flat earth community. We see you! Tell us the TRUTH and #FreeOurFlatEarth


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