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Some Flat Earth Questions Don’t Have Answers Yet

Regarding how the systems of the flat earth work…
The same question can be asked a multiple of ways…how does it…, why does it…, what makes it…,who makes it…, ? fill in the blank.
I approach all of my research this way:

*If the earth is not a spinning ball, then what is it?
*If it is flat as it seems to be, then what all other things are different?
*How do I take known evidence and make sense of it while switching from round to flat?
*What part doesn’t fit the new scenario?
*Does the thing that doesn’t fit become a lie or something to overcome?

…So in my research I have discovered many theories for how the uni-verse COULD work for flat vs sphere, but none are conclusive yet because I am missing some serious data necessary to complete a theory of my own. I am a big fan of “what if?” because I am an abstract thinker, but many people who are concrete thinkers hate hypothetical questions.
I am missing the boundary, the edge as it were. Not just the boundary of the circle, but the depth of the bottom and the height of the top or ceiling. I am unable to visualize (something I am usually quite adept at) what this earth object looks like in comparison to the model I have been programmed with.

So until I have more data, I can only speculate. That brings to mind the story of what the blind men think an elephant looks like.

(Photo Credit: joy2theworld2012.wordpress.com)

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