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Scripted Psychology – Flat Earth vs. Spherical Earth

Puuuuur-fect, Thomas. My sentiments exactly (except the maffs part).
– Lori


Originally posted by Thomas Jason Hannsz. Flat Earth vs. Spherical Earth
The psychology involved is so scripted…
Dehumanize anyone who questions a prescribed paradigm. Dismiss mathematical evidence with ridicule of individuals..
Government Systems, Media, even Religions are a popularity contest.

I came to this group to very calmly and rationally approach the subject. My initial hope was to stop the group on its tracks when it was small.. Still less than 200 members..

I had long discussions with Darrel, and spent much time on finding mathematical proofs to set these people straight, showing the group with definitive evidence how Earth is “Obviously” a sphere…

I’ve honestly been looking for someone to provide the definitive evidence I need to prop e to myself the Earth is Sphere instead of Flat…

& I am awe inspired on the massive backlash of ridicule and attacking this subject has brought to the surface..

I’m even more in awe that not a single critic has brought forward any evidence that has been convincing or definitive..

However, The Psychop-Attacks..
Wow. . . I’m in AWE…

Mostly because I stay so neutral minded on the subject.. I’ve secretly been rooting for what has turned out to be the juvenile underdog on this chess game.. Hoping some person will bring me evidence that I can sink my teeth into and present back to all of you.

Even more fascinating still to me, is the greater level of mental achievement and understanding the thinking members of the group have brought forward..

Understanding the Flat Earth model has answered so many questions that were never ending mythical mysteries of science just a few months ago.

I feel like Dorthy in the Wizard of Oz. just seconds after she has seen the Wizards curtain pulled back..

You can’t close the curtain and put blinders on, and go back to believing that giant talking head is still the wizard..

Yet, Flying monkey attacks are coming out of my butt, & the Wizard is saying,
“Pay no Attention to that Man Behind the Curtain!!”

“You Embicles… ”

“You Nazi Antisemitic Shills!”

“You sorry bunch of retarded fools!”

“I feel Sorry for you!”

“Don’t Breed! Darwin is Right!”

But… I’m not Dorthy…

  • I’m Home…
  • I can tell you how the Wizard makes that projection and colored smoke.. & I’m not looking for any gifts from the Wizard…
  • The Stage is Still Flat…

by Thomas Jason Hannsz

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