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On the Horizon: What is the Line of Convergence?

One day soon people will learn this one simple fact and the discussion will begin and the arguments will end…and that simple indisputable fact is that the horizon line as we have been brainwashed to believe is the “curvature” of the earth that we can’t see beyond is nothing more that the line of convergence. The line of convergence is the way our vision works when two elements meet in the distance.

This can be the meeting of land and sky or water and sky. The land or water appears to come up and meet the sky (always at eye level no matter how high you go) ALWAYS at eye level because it is our eyes that are producing this effect.

How can I prove this theory? Because this effect never happens in only one element. When you lay on your back and look at the sky, there is no line of convergence. When you submerge under water, there is no line of convergence because you are surrounded by one element, water. If you are able to see the ocean’s floor, then you again will see a line of convergence where the water meets the sand again.

This whole lifetime’s worth of indoctrination as to what you are seeing is unadulterated bullshit. This lie has been passed down for hundreds of years. The “horizon line” is nothing more that the simple “line of convergence”. It’s how we SEE, not what we see that explains it all.Simply explained, our vision works much like tipping over a pyramid made of glass and looking out through the top. The point at the top is equivalent to the “vanishing point” at the perspective line of conversion, or as we’ve been programmed to say, the “horizon line”.

This is why when looking down the parallel train tracks they rise up to the horizontal line and get closer together and come to a point. You know they continue on, but you can’t see that because your eyes are unable to process this information. It is NOT because the tracks went over the curvature of a sphere earth.

We can prove this by simply using a telescope, binoculars, a zoom lens or any device that allows magnification and the ability to SEE farther and better.

And who knows how far the flat earth horizon extends? We won’t know how far it goes until we are free to explore our earth without the constraints of the military industrial complex guarding the perimeter, will we?

Ban the Antarctic Treaty. Free Our Flat Earth.

– Lori Frary

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