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Image Control – The Flat Earth Movement

Math Powerland aka Math Boylan exposed in 2006 on live TV during a comedy contest, viewed by over a million people how all of outer-space imagery including the earth as a globe is but a mere painting and special effect . The goal is to conceal the truth since Columbus.

The elite behind the elite behind NASA and the military are hiding more land . Not only is the earth flat but because it’s flat there’s more including a second light source in the south pole indicating a second sun in rotation around another geothermal earth pond.


Now 2015 almost 10 yrs later the roosters are coming home to roost drown out the real intel with speculation botched scientific experiments staged mudslinging between stooges set up as real flat earth experts, the movement is almost out of the bag and everyone seems to be clamoring to be the one who started it. Unfortunately the die-hard newbies and vets know where it started . In 2011 there were 6 flat earth videos on the entire www, actually 5 , and one channeo The NASA channel with a growing archive of recorded shows and perception tests conducted at Powerland art labs the home of the NASA channel. Now there are over 175000 videos and growing with an average of 15 000 views per vid. It seems like a sudden massive government roll-out op of private spy agency, section heads of the CIA , MI6 , CSIS, and KGB have activated a black budget operation to hire counter intelligence PR firms outside of the regular national security agencies to infiltrate , divide and conquer, adhere extremist views to the Flat earth, radical mix and match with other conspiracy theories into what is becoming the fastest and most mind bending revolution in the history of man woman kind.

Many shills, many spies, many military, many covert operatives and agent provocateurs are infesting the waters to deviate the message . The message being that, exploration of this earthly surface stopped by the assumption we live on a ball and nothing was left to find after america, except oops Antarctica . Travel there appears to be open but after close investigation one can see it is controlled and the media have the unassuming brainwashed public’s eyes to the sky instead of across to the south pole. Across , beyond it , lies another geothermal mass earth , continents in a massive salt water pond with it’s own rotating sun and with a people much more advanced and equipped than the North American natives when Columbus arrived. In this continuation of This Crazy Notion, Math and his growing team of real people .

It has been the work of a life time to expose this. In this we see math do a major disassociation with an operative who Math knew was there to discredit and divide but used the shills employing them to move the argument to the general masses before the shills would auto-weaponise and self destructive their own credibility and dishearten all those who looked up to them. In this you will see the behind the scenes soap opera of how the movement and some of the new emerging scholars and key note players discuss who has infiltrated the flat earth conspiracy to uphold the conspiracy that all the land shown on the ball is all , except now it’s flat . Much like meet the new boss same as the old boss but now it’s an alien not God outside watching us all like a lab experiment. Nice try , but why isn’t any one calling Powerland to allow his expedition to happen? Mmmmmm. One sudden flat earth guru speculates like an X files episode and the other has a secret past and theory that can smear the entire movement and discredit the public from taking a true second look at the most excruciating mental audit on their reality , the earth being flat isn’t stupid it’s the truth they brainwashed you not to look at for fear someone would realize there’s more land.

TheNASAchannel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkjk4ZwVQ17g7Pnpa9RmvYQ

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