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A “Mirage?”

Source of story: http://www.abc57.com/story/28925566/mirage-of-chicago-skyline-seen-from-michigan-shoreline

Here’s Cointelpro at its finest. A photo taken from SIXTY miles away is just a “mirage”… and don’t dare question it. They are trying to pass this off as a mirage because from across the lake, the skyline would be invisible because it would be below the earth’s curvature!

So now we can see around corners based on temperature conditions?

WHY are they calling it a mirage? Because they have to invent some type of “projection” to bring what you’re seeing up from below the vanishing point caused by the sphere of the earth.

60 miles!! With 8 inches of drop per mile squared, the drop would be 2400 feet in 60 miles. Every mirage I’ve ever seen is all wavy anyway.


Here’s a better example of a real mirage.

A Mirage

“The Isle of Wight lighthouse in England is 180 feet high and can be seen up to 42 miles away, a distance at which modern astronomers say the light should fall 996 feet below line of sight. The Cape L’Agulhas lighthouse in South Africa is 33 feet high, 238 feet above sea level, and can be seen for over 50 miles. If the world was a globe, this light would fall 1,400 feet below an observer’s line of sight! The Statue of Liberty in New York stands 326 feet above sea level and on a clear day can be seen as far as 60 miles away. If the Earth was a globe, that would put Lady Liberty at an impossible 2,074 feet below the horizon! The lighthouse at Port Said, Egypt, at an elevation of only 60 feet has been seen an astonishing 58 miles away, where, according to modern astronomy it should be 2,182 feet below the line of sight!”

If you’re wondering why it is 8″ per mile SQUARED, the sphere is different than the circle in that it is 3 dimensional.

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