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Globebusters and Awake Souls Map BUSTED: Flat Earth Reality

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. But this time we take no prisoners. Globebusters has bumped egos with Awake Souls and they are arguing over a failed map and model. What an exercise in futility and a drama for gullible flat earthers.
We repeat, no one has debunked our claims to have found the flat map that most closely replicates the flat earth realm…yet they continue to attack us, yes US and not the map.
Using lame tactics like making videos saying Lori is a man isn’t gonna change the fact that NO ONE has debunked our map. Sinking to new lows of actionable slander doesn’t change the fact that they are selling you more circle bullshit.
We will continue on our path to truth. Join us to see where it goes!

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