Examine the facts before you decide for yourself.

If All Your Life You Believed...

If all your life you believed the earth was flat and still, and suddenly people started telling you a crazy notion like..."The earth is actually a spinning ball flying through space..." you'd think that was totally absurd, would you not?


"The best way to know if you truly have an open mind is to be able to question a belief system that has been ingrained in you your entire life."

Lori Frary

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What’s Wrong With Google Earth? Because It’s Flat!

We found a serious problem with tracking “due east” on the google globe! Watch as Lawrence shows several ways to travel east from one location to another and where you end up. We were all shocked to find that it doesn’t work as it should and making travel plans using a compass and using google…


You Might Be a Flattard if…

THIS is why we have been trying for over a year to show the flat earth community how and why the Azimuthal Equidistant and Gleason’s maps are both STUPID and WHY they were implanted into the flat earth “movement” in the first place. It’s because they can be ripped to shreds by anyone who actually…


The BIG Flat Earth Quiz!: with Prizes!

Questions below! (Click Show More) No FEeple (flat earth sheeple) will be able to answer all these questions. You have one week to answer and pass this video around to your friends. Email your answers to A1@FlatEarthConspiracy.com The top two winners will be announced on next week’s hangout on Weds., 11-30-16 Answers must be emailed…

Pac-Man for blog

The Flat Earth Map Reset

By Lori Frary with Lawrence Wright and Ronnie Harris… So we finally come to a crossroads. Either we have to rename what we call ourselves or we have to do a drastic reset. Simply calling yourself a flat earther has now become contentious from within the community. Why do we say that? Because most of…


Flat Earth Debate Challenge

Today’s challenge is specific. It is based on the simple fact that most YouTube channels calling themselves flat Earthers are persisting in their promotion of a map and model that have no proof and no basis in reality. This is a map and model based on research (if you want to call it that) by…


We Are Free And Awake

I have come to the conclusion that I have been making the flat earth awakening much too difficult. It isn’t about the shape of the earth, the distance between continents, what the map looks like or whether there’s a dome or an ice ring. I see now why the flat earth theory hasn’t been as…

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